A man working in a coffee field in Guatemala
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Water Funds face different challenges The Partnership works with Water Funds to strengthen them in different areas by creating tools, training and exchange spaces, among others.

Within its value proposition, the Partnership offers Water Funds:

  • Promotion of dialogue among relevant stakeholders in the region in an inclusive manner, providing support and credibility.

  • Spaces for meetings, exchanges, and learning for the Water Funds and among the Water Funds.

  • A systemic approach and the creation of a series of tools and support in the following areas:

Our value added
Our main areas of work Here we represent the main themes around which the Partnership focuses its efforts to create greater value for the Water Funds throughout their different stages of maturity.

Another key element of the added value is related to the Communication and visibility that the Partnership carries out to disseminate, make visible and emphasize the water security challenges the region faces and is actively helping to position Water Funds as a model that effectively contributes to the solution. This is done through different channels and communication vehicles, as well as through the active participation in international events and the organization of regional or national forums such as the Water Funds Biennial.

Quote: Hugo Contreras

We bring decision-makers together to encourage dialogue, one example is the Biennial and other regional meetings that are held regularly.

Director of Water Security of Latin America

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