Latin American Water Funds

Results and Publications

 Biologists look at birds in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Guatemala Andrea Cristofani conducts field suvey in Sierra de las Mindas Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala, Central America. © TNC

Currently in Latin America there are 26 Water Funds created and 14 in creation process. Throughout this time we have combined experience and knowledge that has allowed us to systematize and improve methodologies and support tools that we can share today for the creation of new Water Funds, either directly, or through third parties and other platforms. Always with the objective of contributing to the water security of Latin American cities.

Before creating a new Water Fund, it is necessary to carry out an analysis to identify if its creation is indeed necessary and opportune, based on various special considerations that are included in the methodology. These are very important stages prior to the creation of Water Funds. We are currently working on the feasibility and design stages of 15 possible Water Funds.

In Results you can find more detailed information about our work and the location map of the Water Funds.

In the publications section you can consult publications of the sector, Alliance partners and Water Funds that may be of interest to you.