Guatemala Water Fund
Guatemala Water Fund Workers clear undergrowth with machetes in shade-grown coffee crops on San Agustín Las Minas coffee plantation. © Jason Houston

There are different ways in which you can join efforts for the water security of our cities and communities.

Be our spokesperson

We need more people to know, understand and value the importance of water and the conservation of its sources. What can you do? Share our page with other people, follow us on our social networks and share our messages. Contribute ideas and participate.

Help us reach more people

If you are a journalist, take the voice of our experts to new audiences and help us to influence better conditions for the proper governance of water. If you want more information or interviews, contact us:

Create a new Water Fund

If you think that there should be a Water Fund in your city and you want to participate in those efforts, contact us:

Participate in an existing Water Fund

If there is a Water Fund in your city, you can get in touch to know more about their work and ask for ways to collaborate, from volunteer work opportunities to being a member of the Water Fund. To contact them you can go to the section on each Water Fund, or you can write to us:, and we will gladly put you in touch with the Water Fund of your interest.

Support the work of the Alliance

If you are interested in participating and supporting the work of the Alliance at a regional or local level and a specific interest in any of the following topics:

  • Science
  • Technical issues
  • Development of regional projects
  • Another type of regional collaboration

Contact us: