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Waterfall in the Malo River in Ecuador
Cascade of Rio Malo in the Ecuadorian jungle. © Erika Nortemann/TNC

The Partnership has a governing and coordinating structure for decision-making. TNC is the organization that leads and implements the agreements taken within the  Partnership’s Board to the field.

Partnership structure and equipment This is the structure that ensures coordinated decision making among partners. TNC implements the decisions of the Partnership in the field and coordinates the work with the regional and local teams. Generally, TNC is in most contact with the staff and partners of the Water Funds.

To create Water Funds and strengthen their goals, the Partnership assists the Funds during the consolidation process.

Over time, and as the methodology for the creation of Water Funds has been refined, the way of creating and structuring Funds has also changed. Nonetheless, the Partnership has traditionally followed the following typical governance and follow-up structure:

Typical coordination structure The Partnership has created a model to provide better support to the Water Funds during its creation process.