The Water Institute "The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)" organizes the World Water Week annually in Stockholm, Sweden. Within this global event, The Nature Conservancy, the Inter-American Development Bank, FEMSA Foundation and AB InBev Middle Americas proposed the development of a Showcase entitled "Water Funds: Reserves for future droughts", from the official program of World Water Week 2020.

As part of the official "World Water Week" program, three of our Water Funds participated in Showcase # 2: "Reserves for Future Droughts" held last Wednesday, August 26.

We want to congratulate the Water Fund for the Development of Zacatecas (FONADEZ) for being the winner of this contest.                                               

La Patagonia Un atardecer en la patagonia, Argentina © Leah Horstman/TNC Photo Contest 2019

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