Summit of Water Funds and Other Events

Latin America
Summit of Water Funds Latin America © TNC

It is the highest visibility event organized by the Partnership to promote the exchange of knowledge, identification of best practice. It favors the development of skills and strengthens the commitment of public, private, and civil society institutions to collaborate in the water security of Latin American cities.

4th. Summit  Water Funds  2019

The next Water Funds Biennial will be taking place in Mexico City on July 18th and 19th,2019 at the Hilton located in Mexico City’s Downtown.


3rd. Water Funds Biennial 2016
June 15th to 17th , 2016, City of Bogotá, Colombia
Memories of the 3rd. Water Funds Biennial
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2nd.Water Funds Biennial 2013
June 18th to 20th, 2013, Panama City, Panama
o Memories of the 2nd. Water Funds Biennial
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1st Water Funds Biennial 2011
April 6th to 7th, 2011, Cali, Colombia
Memories of the 1st. Water Funds Biennial