Latin American Water Funds Partnership

The partnership is a mechanism that allows to provide technical and financial assistance for the creation and strengthening of Water Funds. It provides support to local stakeholders to implement them, contributing to establish the management structure for each fund.

It also provides advice and technical expertise that can strengthen the operation of the funds, and also facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices among Water Funds and other stakeholders.

Water Funds

Water Funds is an innovative model of long-term conservation that operates through investments that are focused on a single fund. The resources generated are assigned to preserve the essential lands above watersheds through conservation actions.

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Agua Somos, Bogotá – Colombia, 2008


Bogota’s thirst for clean water has been growing for decades, in lock step with its population, now at more than 7 million. Most of Bogota’s water originates high above the city in Chingaza National Park. There, forests and Neotropical alpine grasslands known as paramos feed and protect the city’s main watershed, its tributaries and, ultimately, the water that flows through Bogota’s plumbing. But Chingaza, and the watersheds of Tunjuelo and Tibitoc that complete the water supply for Bogota, lack the money required to be truly protected. Forest and paramo degradation and clearing for cattle ranching and farming occurs in and around the park, and that has taken its toll on water quality.

The roots of plants act as natural sieves that retain and release water. With them in risk of desapearing, erosion and mudslides are likely to occur, harming water quality and wildlife. Over the past few decades, the sedimentation problem has been growing as the clearing of land for farm fields has increased. Agua Somos is technical and financial solution involving the private and public sector seeking to prmote the conservation of ecosystems responsible for production and regulation of water consumed by millions of Colombians in Bogotá and the capital region.


Population served:  8,5 million people living in Bogota and suburbs and local communities living in the upper part of the watersheds. Main stakeholders: Bogota water facility and the most importat brewery in Colombia.

  • Start date: April - 2008
  • Ongoing?: YES
  • Cities: Bogotá
  • Countries: Colombia
  • Lat: 4° 36' 0" N
  • Long: 74° 5' 0" W
  • Web Site:


  • Reforestation
  • Conservation
  • Ecotourism
  • Park rangers
  • Sustainable production systems (silvopastoral systems)

RIVER BASIN: Guatiquía, Blanco y Teusacá watersheds (Chingaza system); Bogota river (tibitoc system) and Tunjuelo river


  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Bogota Water Facility
  • Colombian Protected Areas Agency
  • FEMSA Foundation
  • IADB
  • Sab Miller Bavaria Brewery



Name contact: Alejandro Calvache
Phone: (575) 6649 946



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